Jan. 26-28

Mountain View, CA

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January 25, 2015

6:30pm Luminary & Pioneer Award Reception Honoring Ron Davis, Dennis Lo & Craig Venter

-separate registration-

Day 1 - January 26, 2015

Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
7:00am Registration, Breakfast and Networking
7:50am Ralph Snyderman, Duke University

Opening words by program chair

8:00am Peter Donnelly, Oxford University

PMWC 2015 UK Introduction and Overview

8:05am Amir Dan Rubin, Stanford Health Care

Stanford Health Care Delivery Innovation

8:15am Craig Venter, JCVI    
8:30am Ron Davis, Stanford    
8:45am George Church, Harvard Medical School    
Newborn & Prenatal Dx Cardiovascular Disease & Biomarkers Dx/Rx Company Competition
9:00am Matthew Rabinowitz, Natera (Chair)
Dennis Lo, Li Ka Shing Institute

Noninvasive Prenatal Testing: What’s Next?

Gil Omenn, University of Michigan (Chair)

Cardiovascular Diseases Reflect Many Modifiable Risk Factors and Multiple Predisposing Gene

Andy Kurtz, NCI
9:15am Susan Gross, Natera

Identifying Constellations in Cell-Free DNA

Jennifer Van Eyk, Cedars-Sinai

Disease Modified Proteins: Link between Rheumatic Arthritis and Heart Disease

Accel Diagnostics
9:30am Vince Ramey, DNAnexus

Addressing Operational Challenges of Prenatal Testing Such as Scalability and Global Data Access

Jay G. Wohlgemuth, Quest Diagnostics

Holistic and Integrated Cardiovascular Diagnostic Solution

9:45am Ramji Srinivasan, Counsyl

Next Generation Counseling: Reinventing Results Delivery

Robert Gerszten, MGH Heart Center

Integrating Metabolomics for Less Impersonal Medicine

APT Life Sciences
10:00am Break, Exhibition & Networking
Impact of Genomics on Cancer Care Commercializing Longevity & Aging Genetics Dx/Rx Competition
10:30am Frank S. Ong, Illumina (Chair)
John Leite, Illumina

The Path to Adoption of NGS for Clinical Oncology Management

Brian Kennedy, Buck Institute (Chair)

Drugs That Forestall Aging – Extending Healthspan

Biological Dynamics
10:45am Mike Nolan, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Pioneering the Path to Precision Oncology Through Next-Generation Sequencing

Felix Frueh, Human Longevity

Healthy Aging and the Capture of Converging Technologies

Bullet Bio
11:00am Brad Gray, NanoString Technologies

Improving Cancer Care Through Localized Tumor Profiling

Elli Kaplan, Neurotrack

Algorithms, Eye Tracking & Alzheimer's Disease

11:15am Mark Erlander, Trovagene

Quantitative Detection of Cancer Mutations in Liquid Biopsy Samples

Emily Conley, 23andMe

Accelerating Research Through Big Data

11:30am Tom Willis, Sequenta

Immune Response Profiling: Actionable Insights Through Next-Gen Sequencing

Panel, Q&A

Moleculera Labs

Audience Q&A

Novellus Dx
12:00pm Lunch, Exhibition & Networking
Clinical Methodologies of NGS Applications of NGS for Non-oncology Dx/Rx Competition
1:00pm Mike Snyder, Stanford (Chair)

Analyzing Complex Diseases Using Integrative Omics Technologies

Cliff Reid, Complete Genomics (Chair)

Whole Genome Sequencing for Diagnosing Intellectual Disability

Prime Genomics
1:15pm Patrick Roche, HTG Molecular

NGS-based Molecular Profiling from a Single FFPE Section

Cornelius Boerkoel, Appistry

Personalized Medicine: A Communal Affair

Sandstone Diagnostics
1:30pm Michael Ball, GenoLogics

The Impact of Informatics on Clinical NGS Services

Patrice Milos, Claritas Genomics

Successes and Challenges of Spinning out an Academic Genetic Testing Laboratory

Genomic Centers
1:45pm Jason Merker, Stanford University School of Medicine

Using Genome Sequencing in the Clinical Setting

Jonas Korlach, Pacific Biosciences

New Views of the Human Genome & Transcriptome through Long-Read Sequencing

Peter Donnelly, Oxford
2:00pm John Ryals, Metabolon, Inc.

Getting More from NGS: Metabolomics as a First-line Phenotyping Tool

Audience Q&A

Somalee Datta, Stanford
Impact of Genomics on Cancer Care Clinical Trials in the Era of PM
2:15pm Frank S. Ong, Illumina (Chair)
Kim Popovits, Genomic Health

Transforming the Cancer Patient Journey with Actionable Genomic Information

Steven Stein, Novartis (Chair)

Flipping the Clinical Trial Paradigm 180 Degrees

Berta Strulovici,
WI, Israel
2:30pm Janusz Dutkowski, Data4Cure

Personal Systems Interpretation: a Multidimensional View Into Cancer

Nathan Caffo, Presage Biosciences

Human Patients: The Most Important Cancer Model

John Witte, UCSF Human Genetics Inst.
2:45pm Martin Naley, Cure Forward

The Coming Genomics Boom: Will Patients Be The Catalyst?

Eran Eden, MeMed

Relying on The Most Accurate System to Diagnose Infections...
Your Immune System

Marc LePage, Génome Québec
3:00pm Break, Exhibition & Networking
NGS Applications: Impact of Genomics on Cancer Care Clinical Trials in the Era of PM- Cont. Genomic Centers
3:30pm Mike Pellini, Foundation Medicine (Chair)

“Comprehensive” Molecular Profiling And Big Data Is Changing The Fight Against Cancer

David Dworaczyk, Oracle

Improving Drug Discovery and Development with Genomics

Radoje Drmanac, SVP BGI Research
3:45pm Nicholas Dracopoli, Janssen R&D

Circulating Tumor Cells: From Enumeration to Comprehensive Characterization

Andy Kogelnik, Open Medicine Institute (OMI)

Clinical Trials in the Age of Social Media

Andrew Barry, Broad Institute
4:00pm Stefan Roever, Genia
Krishna Yeshwant, Google Ventures

Panel, Q&A

Ann Kapoun, OncoMed

Patient Selection Approaches Using Protein and Gene Predictive Biomarkers: 2 Case Studies

Olena Morozova, UCSC GX Inst.
4:15pm Rami Käkönen, MediSapiens (US) Inc.

Remission Coach: A New Platform to Enable Targeted Recruiting for Clinical Trials

Nathan Pearson, New York Genome Center
4:30pm Rebecca Blanchard, Merck

Incorporating PGx Research Into Clinical Drug Development

Mya Thomae, Illumina

Tutorial LDTs, CoDx & NGS

4:45pm Frank S. Ong, Illumina (Chair)
Dennis Slamon, UCLA

Molecular Diversity of Human Breast Cancer: Clinical and Therapeutic Implications

George Sledge, Stanford

Genomics Chaos and the Cancer Therapy Spectrum

5:00pm Tom Caskey, Baylor College of Medicine

Executive Care for Genetic Disease Prevention

Audience Q&A

5:15pm Closing

Day 2 - January 27, 2015

Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
7:00am Registration, Breakfast and Networking
7:45am Lee Hood, Institute for Systems Biology

Catalyzing a Revolution in Healthcare through a Longitudinal, Digital-Age Study of 100,000 Well Individuals

Risk, Reward & Innovation Detection and Molecular Analysis of Drug-induced Adverse Events Podium Company Presentations
8:15am Ralph Snyderman, Duke University (Chair)

PM & Healthcare Delivery: Value & Cost of Innovation

Lawrence Lesko, UF (Chair)

Targeted Therapy Drugs: Safety Matters

8:30am Ed Abrahams, PMC (Moderator)
Stephen Eck, Astellas
Steve Miller, Express Scripts
Paul Radensky, McDermott Will & Emery
Risa Stack, GE Ventures

Panel, Q&A

David Jackson, MolecularHealth

From Knowledge Innovation to Personalized Pharmacovigilance

Jerry Parrott, BioMarker Strategies

Audience Q&A

Heike Krupka, KaloBios
9:00am Richard Weinshilboum, Mayo Clinic College of Med.

Pharmacogenomics of Psychiatric Disease

Ruth Katz,
MD Anderson
Regulatory & Reimbursement Frameworks for Molecular Testing Immunotherapy:
New Options for Cancer Treatment
Podium Company Presentations
9:15am Bill McGivney, McGivney Adv. (Chair)
Dane Dickson, Palmetto GBA
Mike Pellini, Foundation Medicine

Panel, Q&A

Ira Mellman, Genentech (Chair)

The Renaissance of Immunotherapy is a Revolution for Cancer Patients

Heather Fehling, CRL
9:30am Ilan Kirsch, Adaptive Biotechnologies

Immunosequencing in the Service of Immunotherapy

Cecilia Schott, AstraZeneca
9:45am Charles Nicolette, Argos Therapeutics

The Calculus of Combination Therapy in the Immuno-oncology Era

Amanda Cashin, Illumina Accelerator
10:00am Break, Exhibition & Networking
Continuing Reimbursement Challenges (and Solutions?) for PM The CDx Conundrum: Multiple IVDs, One Biomarker? Podium Company Presentations
10:30am Ira Klein, AETNA (Chair)
Rina Wolf, XIFIN
Peter Bach, Memorial Sloan Kettering
Girish Putcha, Palmetto GBA (MolDX)

Panel, Q&A

Scott Patterson, Amgen (Chair)

The CDx Conundrum: Multiple IVDs, One Biomarker?

Brian Meshkin, Proove Biosciences
10:45am Laura Housman, Molecular Health Rudi Pauwels, Biocartis
11:00am Christopher Jowett, Abbott Molecular

Key Aspects Required to Support Unification of Companion Diagnostic Development

Kara Norman, Thermo Fisher Scientific
11:15am Dan Rhodes, Thermo Fisher Scientific

A Unified Approach to NGS-based Oncology Companion Diagnostics Development

Eugene Seymour, NanoViricides

Panel, Q&A

Neil Campbell, Helomics
11:45am Richard Klausner, Illumina

Actionable Genome Consortiums to Guide NGS in Clinical Medicine

Mark Umbarger, Good Start Genetics
12:00pm Lunch, Exhibition & Networking
Navigating Reimbursement for Oncology Patients & Care Teams Genomic Profiling Moving Into Routine Clinical Care Podium Company Presentations
1:00pm John Steiner, CTCA (Chair)
Dane Dickson, Palmetto GBA
Maurie Markman, CTCA

Panel, Q&A

Neil Barth, Agendia

Molecular Subtypes in Breast Cancer: Challenging the Clinical Subtyping Paradigm

Richard Janeczko, DxEconomix
1:15pm Jonathan Hirsch, Syapse (Chair)
Jim Ford, Stanford
Lincoln Nadauld, InterMountain
Thomas Brown, Swedish Cancer Institute
Howard Burris, Sarah Cannon Research Inst.

Genomic Profiling Moving Into Routine Clinical Care

Farideh Bischoff, Silicon Biosystems
1:30pm Alastair Malcolm, Applied Microarrays
1:45pm Rami Zahr, IDT
Personalizing Evidence in the Learning Healthcare System Joe V. Selby, PCORI William D. Shrader, Edison Pharmaceuticals
2:00pm Panel:
Nigam Shah, Stanford (Chair)
Malay Gandhi, Rock Health
Chris Longhurst, Stanford
Lawrence Hofmann, Grand Rounds

Personalizing Evidence

2:15pm Albert Crescenzo, Thomson Reuters

The Clinical Genomics Toolkit, Increasing Precision in Genomic Interpretation

Valeria Ossovskaya, BioCrypton Inc.
2:30pm Mara Aspinall, Health Catalysts

Diagnostic 5.0 - Breaking the Rules to Succeed

Podium Company Presentations
Yusuke Tsukahara, Riken Genesis
2:45pm Rachid Karam, Ambry Genetics

Utilization of NGS Multi-Gene Panel Testing in Hereditary Cancer Diagnostics

Ian Walker, Cancer Research UK
3:00pm Break, Exhibition & Networking
Applying Complementary Technologies Towards Biomarker Discovery Private Company Competition Dx & Rx Podium Company Presentations
3:30pm Bonnie Anderson, Veracyte (Chair)
Giulia C. Kennedy, Veracyte

Using Multiple Sources Of High-Dimensional Genomic Data to Build Diagnostic Algorithms

Laurence Marton (Moderator)

Isaac Bright, Merieux Developpement
Paul Conley, Paladin Capital Group
Simon Greenwood, Roche Venture Fund
Kim Kamdar, Domain Associates

4 Finalists: TBA
Winner to be announced at the end of session
Brian Frezza, Emerald Therapeutics
3:45pm Murali Prahalad, Epic Sciences

CTCs Come of Age as Biomarkers

Angel Pizarro, Amazon Web Services
4:00pm John Sninsky, CareDx

New Era In Post-Transplant Surveillance: Insights From Gene Expression & Cell Free DNA

Doug Fisher, InDi
4:15pm Shawn M. Marcell, Metamark Genetics

A New Age of Proteomic Biomarker Discovery

Paul Radensky, McDermott Will & Emery

Tutorial: Facing Challenges to Successful Commercialization


Panel, Q&A

5:00pm Closing

Day 3 - January 28, 2015

Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
8:00am Registration, Breakfast and Networking
8:30am David H. Persing, Cepheid

The Digital Miasma: Detection and Monitoring of Emerging Infections in the 21st Century

9:00am Catherine Polizzi, Morrison & Foerster (Chair)
Michael Shuster, Fenwick & West
Jose J. Haresco, JMP Securities

Personalized Medicine Patent Law Update

Panel, Q&A

9:30am Eric Sasso, Crescendo Bioscience

Vectra DA for Measuring Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Activity

10:00am Break, Exhibition & Networking
Morality, Ethics & Public Law in PM Large Sequence Data Analysis & Clinical Interpretation Health Tech IT Company Competition
10:30am George Lundberg, CollabRx (Chair)

Personal Morality, Societal Ethics, and Public Law in Personalized Medicine

Jonathan Sheldon, Oracle (Chair)

Precision Medicine: Cottage Industry vs Enterprise Grade Mission Critical Infrastructure

Annai Systems
10:45am Jodi Halpern, UC Berkeley

Innovative Ethical Approaches to Personalized Medicine

Anthony Wiemelt, Penn Medicine
Brian Wells, Penn Medicine

Precision Medicine and IT Platform Development at a Large Academic Medical Center

11:00am Patrick McCormick, AMA

Patients, Physicians & Personalized Medicine: Ethical Implications of New Clinical Possibilities

David Haussler, UCSC

Global Alliance for Genomics and Health

11:15am Hank Greely, Stanford University

The Biggest Problem with Personalized Medicine

Euan Ashley, Stanford Clinical Genomics Service

Towards Clinical Grade Whole Genome Sequencing

Leveraging Cloud Technology to Optimize PM Michael Rowbotham, Sutter Health

Large Sequence Data Analysis and Clinical Interpretation

11:30am Pravene Nath, Stanford Health Care

Cloud Technologies for the Delivery System: Opportunities and Challenges

Insilico Medicine
11:45am Kathryn Lee Blair, Seven Bridge Genomics

The Cancer Pan-Genome in the Cloud

Sean Scott, QIAGEN Bioinformatics

Scaling NGS Test Interpretation and Reporting in Oncology

12:00pm Lunch, Exhibition & Networking
Managing, Interpreting, and Regulating Genomic Data in the Clinic Synthetic Biology: From Digital Storage to Drug Development  
1:00pm Fireside chat: Margaret Hamburg, FDA & Ralph Snyderman, PMWC 2015 Chair    
1:30pm John West, Personalis, Inc. Sanjay Joshi, EMC2 (Chair)

Biomimicry: Imitation for Innovation

1:45pm David Glazer, Google

From Data to Meaning: The "So What?" Problem

Emily Leproust, Twist Bioscience

Towards Practical, High-capacity, Low-maintenance Information Storage in Synthesized DNA

2:00pm Martin G. Reese, Omicia Inc.

Scaling Clinical NGS: From Panels to Exomes to WGS

Eric Kool, Stanford

The New DNA

Consumerism & Crowdsourcing Private Company Competition: Healthtech Tutorial
2:15pm Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe (Chair)

Individual Access to Genetic Data’s Importance & Crowdsourced Genetic Info’s Power

Laurence Marton (Moderator)

Stacy Feld, Johnson & Johnson
Mohit Kaushal, Aberdare Ventures
Euan Thomson, Khosla Ventures

4 Finalists: TBA
Winner to be announced at the end of session
Charles Mathews, Boston Healthcare

Tutorial: Finding the Right Clinical Positioning for Your Diagnostic

2:30pm Tim Sullivan, AncestryDNA

Personalizing Data Brings Meaningful Stories to Millions

2:45pm Jared Heyman, CrowdMed

Harnessing Crowds to Solve the World's Most Difficult Medical Cases

3:00pm Christina Farr, Thomson Reuters (Moderator)

Panel, Q&A

3:15pm Closing