Jan. 26-28

Mountain View, CA

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Most Promising Company Award Competition


Promising Private Companies to Watch

After pre-selected companies have presented to a panel of semi-final judges and an audience in a morning parallel track, the judges will whittle the companies down to the best of each category, which will present to the audience in the main track over the three days. Each category will present on separate days: Molecular Diagnostics & Therapeutics on Day 2, and Healthtech/IT on Day 3. More about the categories:

Diagnostics             |             Therapeutics            |            Health Tech/IT

Pioneering technologies and applications that expedite patient care.

Ground-breaking approaches to targeted and efficient therapeutics in the era of personalized medicine.

Innovative technology solutions with the physician and/or patient in mind.

After each finalist has presented in the Main Track (Track 2), the audience will have the chance to weigh in via a vote-by-text feature in parallel to live judging by top VC’s, thus designating three separate winners.

Know a good company?


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Competition Stages


Stage 1: Submit

Company Criteria

Privately-held companies in:

  • Therapeutics
  • Diagnostics
  • Healthtech


Stage 2: Screening

Screening Parameters


  • Innovation is disruptive to current standard-of-care, both in cost and effectiveness
  • Strength of team and ability to execute
  • Barriers to competition and strength of IP
  • Expected financial returns for investors


Companies notified in ~one week

3 Registration

Stage 3: Registration

Registration Benefits


  • 10 minutes presentation
  • 2 admissions
  • Three minutes of immediate feedback from judges
  • Overview in e-program
  • Exhibition space option (depending on availability)
  • Logo on website with link and short description


Fee: $2000

Promising Private Companies to Watch in Diagnostics & Therapeutics

Accel Diagnostics
Accel Diagnostics

Accel Diagnostics

Accel Diagnostics leverages mobile-enabled blood diagnostic technologies that allows patients to self-test, anytime and anywhere, and doctors to remotely monitor and manage patients. http://www.acceldx.com/



ACD Bio is a leader in the emerging field of molecular pathology, developing cell- and tissue-based single molecule analytical tools for life science research and diagnostic tests for personalized medicine. http://www.acdbio.com

APT Life Sciences
APT Life Sciences

APT Life Sciences

APT is a computational life sciences company that combines systems biology with sophisticated genomic network algorithms to provide clinically actionable options for personalized cancer therapy. http://www.aptls.com/

Biological Dynamics
Biological Dynamics

Biological Dynamics

BioDyn develops rapid, point-of-care (POC) cancer Dxs, led by the Cancer TRM (treatment response monitoring) Assay, via its proprietary platform that simplifies workflows and reduces time from sample-to-answer. http://biologicaldynamics.com/

Bullet Bio
Bullet Bio

Bullet Bio

Bullet Bio is developing active immunotherapies that train your immune system to fight disease. www.bulletbio.com

Dermala Inc.
Dermala Inc.

Dermala Inc.

Dermala Inc. utilizes the human skin microbiome to develop a novel class of personalized medicines for skin diseases and disorders that are safer and more effective than currently available therapies. www.dermala.com



GenePeeks is an advanced genomics company that has developed and commercialized a novel platform for identifying risk of passing on serious, genetic diseases to a future child. http://www.genepeeks.com

Moleculera Labs
Moleculera Labs

Moleculera Labs

CLIA/COLA accredited clinical laboratory offering a test panel that aids physicians in their diagnosis of PANDAS/PANS, a treatable pediatric autoimmune neurologic condition associated with OCD, motor tics, and often autism. http://www.moleculeralabs.com/

Novellus Dx
Novellus Dx

Novellus Dx

NovellusDx, the leader in Precision Prognostic Cancer Analysis ™, is dedicated to delivering the intelligence that oncologists require to treat every patient’s cancer precisely. Through its unique proprietary diagnostic platform, NovellusDx charts the full hierarchy of mutations, including variants of unknown significance - that drive a cancer’s progression. By measuring the activity of signaling pathways within a tumor, NovellusDX’s Prognostic Cancer Analysis System can assess the behavior of mutations and their response to targeted drugs for every patient individually. In addition, the Prognostic Cancer Analysis System helps bio-pharma companies identify expanded subgroups of cancer patients who are likely to respond to existing therapies, stratify patients for clinical trials to enable more focused and efficient trials and isolate new mutations to target. NovellusDx has built a CLIA lab and analyzed over 20 human case studies that demonstrate the actionable information our system provides well beyond that provided by NGS. http://novellusdx.com/wp/

Prime Genomics
Prime Genomics

Prime Genomics

Prime Genomics is a diagnostic innovation company that has created a proprietary, IP protected RNA-based saliva test for early detection of breast cancer. http://www.primegenomics.com/

Sandstone Diagnostics
Sandstone Diagnostics

Sandstone Diagnostics

Sandstone Dx’s Trak is an over-the-counter kit that empowers couples to measure, monitor, and improve sperm quality from the comfort and privacy of home. http://www.sandstonediagnostics.com/

Promising Private Companies to Watch in Health Tech/IT

Annai Systems
Annai Systems

Annai Systems

Annai Systems accelerates the discoveries driving genomic medicine by providing a “big data” platform that transports, structures, and connects genomic data otherwise stored in silos around the world. http://www.annaisystems.com/



Cognoa enables parents to assess and track their child's development, and when risk for autism is present, access care when it has the greatest impact. https://www.cognoa.com/



Cureus is an innovative free open access general medicine journal which is transforming the generation, curation & dissemination of medical knowledge by utilizing contemporary concepts common to the consumer internet. http://www.cureus.com/



GeneSolve's software uses DNA, biometrics, and health history to allow doctors to provide fast, accurate diagnosis and customized treatment to optimize patient health, boosting energy, focus, and weight loss. http://www.gene-solve.com



Enabling precise, multi-omics/machine learning guided patient stratification and related therapeutic decision in real-time for major chronic diseases. http://www.innventis.com

Insilico Biotechnology
Insilico Biotechnology

Insilico Biotechnology

Insilico Medicine is a company utilizing advances in genomics and big data analysis for in silico drug discovery, repurposing for aging, age-related diseases and personalized preventative medicine. http://www.insilicomedicine.com

Past Winners

T2 Biosystems
T2 Biosystems

T2 Biosystems

T2 Biosystems is an in vitro diagnostics company that has developed an innovative and proprietary technology platform that is designed to offer a rapid, sensitive and simple alternative to existing diagnostic methodologies. Their new class of clinical diagnostics powered by T2MR is the world’s first direct detection technology that delivers superior sensitivity at unmatched speed to guide more effective clinical decision-making. IPO, Aug. 2014. Website: http://www.t2biosystems.com/

Horizon Discovery
Horizon Discovery

Horizon Discovery

Horizon Discovery Limited has developed a translational genomics platform and drug discovery toolbox that enables the development of new therapies targeted at the genetic features that drive an individual’s cancer. IPO, March 2014. Website: http://www.horizondiscovery.com/



Auxogyn is dedicated to advancing women’s reproductive health through diagnostic technologies that generate information to be used by physicians and their patients in making treatment decisions. We pursue a regulatory path to assure our technologies are safe and effective and meet stringent regulatory standards. Received FDA Clearance, June 2014. Website: http://www.auxogyn.com/



Nodality’s Single Cell Network Profiling (SCNP) technology provides robust, human cell-based translational models of disease, drug activity and patient responses. SCNP reveals complex biology at the single-cell level, creating competitive advantages in addressing many of the most pressing challenges in drug discovery and development for cancer and autoimmune disease. Appointed Ralph Snyderman to BOD, Feb. 2014. Website: http://www.nodality.com/



QuantaLife provides advanced genetic analysis systems for research. QuantaLife has commercialized the Droplet Digital™ (ddPCR) system, the most accurate genetic analysis platform available today. The system is the first cost-effective, high-resolution platform available for the validation of next-generation sequencing discoveries. With the ddPCR system, researchers can explore complex genetic landscapes in high-definition, discover new disease associations, and define a new category of improved molecular diagnostic tests. Acquired by Bio-Rad, October 2011. Website: http://www.bio-rad.com/en-us/product/qx100-droplet-digital-pcr-system

Partial List of Past VCs and Financial participants


7Health Ventures
Aberdare Ventures
AccelusHealth Partners
Advanced Technology Ventures
Alexandria Venture Investments
Anthem Venture Partners
Biomark Capital
Burril & Company
Cantor Fitzgerald
Caldwell Partners Intl.
Capital One Labs
Casdin Capital
Charter Life Sciences
Claremont Creek Ventures
Cowper Street Angels
Crosslink Capital
DFJ Tamir Fishman Ventures
Domain Associates
Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Edgewood Venture Partners
EDventure Holdings
Enterprise Partners Venture Capital
Evolvence India Life Science Fund
Geisinger Ventures
GE Ventures
Giza Venture Capital
Goldman Sachs
Google Ventures
Great Point Partners
Halo Fund III
HealthTech Capital
Horizon Ventures
IBM Venture Capital Group
Intel Capital
Interwest Partners
Janssen Healthcare Innovation
Kaiser Permanente Ventures
Khosla Ventures
Life Tech Capital
Lighthouse Capital Partners
Lightstone Ventures
Longitude Capital
Medica Venture Partners
Merck & Co.
Miramar Venture Partners
Mithril Capital Management
Morgan Stanley
Morgenthaler Ventures
MPM Capital
Muir Partners
New Biology Ventures, LLC
Oppenheimer & Co.
Opus Three
Paladin Capital Group
Perella Weinberg Partners
Physic Ventures
Prolog Ventures
Prospect Venture Partners
QB3 Garage/Innovation Network
Qualcomm Ventures
RBC Capital Markets
Rock Health
SAP Ventures
SDL Ventures
Sequoia Capital
Siemens VC
Silicon Valley Bank
Skyline Ventures
Sutter Hill Ventures
SVB Accelerator
Telegraph Hill Partners
The Angels' Forum
Third Rock Ventures
TPG Biotech
TriplePoint Capital
UK Trade & Investment
US Commercial Trade Service and Export
Uzia Initiatives & Management
Versant Ventures
Vivo Ventures
Warburg Pincus


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