Personalized Medicine World Conference, January 26-28, 2015
Co-hosted with Stanford Health Care and Oracle Health Sciences

Biomarkers can be multi-faceted and play important roles in disease diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring; as companion diagnostics, they are important for predicting response to therapy. Possible clinical biomarker applications seem almost infinite, yet there are still significant obstacles for broad adoption in the clinic, including technical, regulatory, and reimbursement challenges.

At PMWC 2015 - January 26-28, 2015, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View - several sessions will focus on biomarkers, led by key representatives from across the industry.

Sessions include:

  • Cardiovascular Disease & Biomarkers
  • The CDx Conundrum: Multiple IVDs, One Biomarker
  • Applying Complementary Technologies Towards Biomarker Discovery

Margaret A. Hamburg

FDA Commissioner

Jay G. Wohlgemuth

SVP, Med., Science & Innov.,Quest Dx

Jennifer Van Eyk


Shawn M. Marcell

President & CEO,
Metamark Genetics

William W. Chin

Executive. VP, Science & Regulatory, PhRMA

Bonnie H. Anderson

President & Chief Executive Officer, Veracyte

John J. Sninsky

Chief Scientific Officer,
CareDx Inc.

Scott Patterson

Executive Director,
Medical Sciences Amgen Inc.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about clinical biomarker development and applications from leading experts and join the stimulating and informative discussions.

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Date: January 26-28, 2015
Location: CHM, Mountain View, California

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